The impact of Covid-19 is at the forefront of everybody’s mind and we are no different. Since the news of the pandemic broke we have been working across all areas of our business to ensure that we respond to the crisis in a way that keeps our employees and customers safe.  Our 8 sites, which are deemed essential by Government, have remained open throughout the crisis and lockdown. Our employees fall in to the category of key workers and have been able to come into work.

Below is a summary of some of the measures we have taken.  We continually review these policies and procedures and make adaptations in line with the Government and Scientific advice.

Social distancing

All of our sites have floor markings to encourage social distancing.  We have social distancing champions in-store to ensure customers and employees are following the guidelines, this includes manning the doors in busy periods and reminding people to observe the 2 metre rule.  We implemented social distancing early on at all till points and now customers scan and pack all their own shopping. All stores are fitted with perspex screens at till points. New rules on shelf stacking and taking deliveries have also been implemented. In-store posters remind customers and employees of the importance of following the rules.

Hygiene and cleaning

Our already stringent cleaning and handwashing regimes have been increased.  Hand sanitiser has been made available to all staff. Disposable gloves are provided at pumps.

Employee Health and Wellbeing

Employees who are in the vulnerable category have been supported to follow shielding and self isolation guidance. We have furloughed some employees but most of our teams have continued to work.  We have a clear process for our colleagues to follow if they have any concerns about their physical or mental well being. We have informed all of our staff about the opportunity and availability for testing and stressed they must stay at home if they have symptoms of Covid-19.

Working Practices

Where possible our office staff have been able to work from home. Management meetings have been done by video conferencing and our Area Managers have kept site visits to a minimum.

Suppliers and Visitors

We have liaised closely with all our suppliers and shared our policies and procedures in relation to Covid-19. We review these policies and procedures on a daily basis and change them as an when necessary.

Risk Assessments

We have carried out Risk Assessments of all of our sites which can be found below.  All of our employees have been consulted and have had the opportunity to input into these documents.  We have appointed Health and Safety Representatives to collate and feedback any concerns or questions that our employees may have to the Senior Management Team.

Head Office
Filey Service Station
Glews Services
Leeds Skelton Lake
Longs Corner Garage
Middleton Service Station
Primrose Valley Service Station
Snaith Hall Filling Station
York Road Garage

Our priority is the safety and well being of our employees, customers and suppliers.